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"I sense that you want this old withered woman to show you the way to proceed. Come closer, Releaser. Don't be shy. Stand before the crystal ball and learn your destiny!"

Yustel is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. A resident of Inoa Village, she appears to possess some degree of magic power and foresight ability. She will heal Alundra and show him where to go next if he is lost or confused.


As one of the oldest residents of Inoa, Yustel has watched the village's descent into darkness with a sense of helplessness. For a small fee, she uses her crystal ball to give advice to anyone wise enough to enquire of her.

Yustel spends much of her time using her medical knowledge to aid and sooth those suffering from the nightmares, but admits all she can do is relieve the symptoms; for it is an ailment affecting more than the body. She, like the more knowledgable beings in the game, will refer to Alundra as "Releaser", and seems to understand Alundra's function within the destiny of the region.

Yustel survives the fire of Inoa, and partakes in the creation of the Holy Sword in the basement of the sanctuary. There she comments that Alundra is no longer the wide-eyed child that came to the village, but a young man, and their salvation.