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Zazan is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. He is the king of the Murgg, living in the highest branches of the tree where they make their home.


Zazan swore loyalty to Melzas some time before Alundra began his journey. During the intermediate time, Zazan gathered his subjects and sent them to find the Crests. As primitive and incompetent as the Murgg are, they were only able to recover two before Alundra began to interfere.

Zazan and the Murgg become a latent threat to the villagers when they in search of a crest dig a tunnel close to the Coal Mine and meeting the miners decide to kill them, this forced Alundra to investigate the mine and later find the Murgg woods and reveal the doings of the Murgg to the townpeople at Inoa.

Under Zazan's leadership, the Murgg continue to plague Alundra and the villagers until one drops a key providing Alundra with access to the Murgg Woods where they face off. Despite Zazan's prowess, and the aid of his subjects, Alundra is able to slay the ape, leaving Melzas to take control of the murgg directly.