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Zorgia is a character featuring in the video game Alundra.

Powers and Abilities[]

Zorgia possesses great magical power; able to destroy Nirude, albeit weakened by his fight with Alundra, in a single blow. Later, while dueling Alundra, he summons great pillars of flames and many rotating disks to destroy his foe.

Perhaps his greatest asset is his wings; they enable him to quickly move about, ambush others and stay well out of his foe's reach. However, he needs to land to cast his magic, thus creating a weakness in his powers.

As a Boss, Zorgia is not particulary difficult, as he is weak while casting magic on the ground and though he shoot many spells in area, none of them have accurate homing, meaning that a few steps out of the way should do the trick, keeping in constant move will help win the battle, the only real problem should bee keeping track of Zorgia since is one of the smallest human sized enemies in the game, something very rare, still the arena where the battle takes place is not too large either, a few hits and dodges and the battle is over easly.


Some time ago, Zorgia was friend of the Guardians of the Seal, and served Wilda, a great and powerful dragon. However, he was sadistic and ruthless, eventually joining Melzas, seduced by both greed and blood lust.


Zorgia first meets Alundra just after the latter fights and defeats Nirude. Zorgia comes with orders to destroy Nirude and after doing so intends to take his crest and slay Alundra, however Miming and his men arrive so Zorgia chooses to flee but not before Alundra throws at him after witnesing Zorgia slaying Nirude, to which he claims its rude and asks Alundra to not hate him for he is merely a pawn of Mezlas, after this he tells Alundra to enjoy his life for if they meet again Zorgia will kill him.

Later, Alundra and Zorgia meet again on Nava's Island, where Zorgia slays another of his former allies, Nava, revealing that all he cares is for the blood of others and enjoys the killing, he duels Alundra for the crests. However, the Releaser is too powerful for Zorgia, and he perishes by Alundra's hands.